Bold Beliefs

We work with the bold belief that the power of quality content extends beyond providing a lens into news, pop culture, and entertainment; into tackling contemporary social issues in order to build a better community; a better Kenya; a better Africa; and a better world.

Pawa Ya Shilingi

Create awareness of Standard Chartered’s Mutual Shillling Fund in a 1:00-2:00 minute ad (that could be divided into individual 15second spots). The goal was to be top of mind for young middle class investors looking for an affordable investment solution to better their lives.


Fenty Africa Launch

From the first meeting, we knew that this wasn’t just launching another beauty brand in the country- but creating an experience, cultivating a loyal FENTY community in Kenya- as well as showcasing the inclusivity- Exclude No one- and reiterating the brand’s mission and vision in a colourful yet impactful way

The Story of Ferdinand Omanyala

This two and half minute ad takes us through the journey of Ferdinand Omanyala as he navigated his sprinting career from schooling in Kitale to his ban, and finally qualifying for the 2020 Olympics. The story is told in a compelling way from his perspective in order to evoke emotion and get more people to know and love his extraODInary journey.


Downy Malodour Campaign

Downy is the leading concentrate fabric softener in Kenya. The objective of this campaign was to accelerate category growth by converting detergent only users. We executed a photo shoot of images that amplify malodor protection and long lasting perfume with Downy.


Party Time – The Movie

PARTY TIME: THE MOVIE is a colorful, fun, eccentric, modern animated 8 chapter musical masterpiece that follows the trio on a night out, up and about. From riding through the city on the backs of three gracious Black & White beauties of the jungle the playing live in their favourite joint, H_art the Bar, alongside Dj Madlion to alighting a bachelorette party in a pimped-up matatu to jumping off their jet & deploying parachutes into a Yacht party.


‘Basics’ by OBY

‘Basics’ by OBY Studios is an upcoming short form video series modelled after the popular GQ Youtube Show ‘10 Essentials’. The series features prominent personalities from Kenya and Uganda presenting 7 basic or essential items that they use and cannot do without in their daily lives.